Expertise and Insight
“I had the good fortune to benefit from Lorena’s rare blend of communication’s expertise and insights on a major project done by her great firm. Her hands-on approach and attention to detail contributed immensely to the overall success of the effort.”
Confident Ideas
“CLS is our biggest cheerleader. They help us sell ourselves better than we could ever do without them, and they give us confidence to project our ideas into the public space in ways we didn’t think possible. They prepare us well for the hard questions, and they polish our rough edges so that we shine!”

Julie Martinez Ortega, J.D., Ph.D., PowerPAC
Superb Guidance
“I had the pleasure of working with my consultant Lorena Chambers for my election to the Florida State House in 2012. I saw first hand her professionalism and attention to detail and, with her guidance, won my district with 68%, higher than any federal candidate including President Obama.”
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About Us

Founded in 2004, Chambers Lopez LLC set out to redefine the way Latinos are represented and approached in the American marketplace. Mixing strategic thinking with cultural expertise, we’ve honed our innovative recipe for success without settling for everyday marketing tactics. Whether it’s teaching new voters about the electoral process and persuading them to get to the polls, or consulting with governments and businesses on innovation in supply chain management, we know what it takes to inspire meaningful action in our communities.

At Chambers Lopez Strategies, we are shaping public information campaigns and presidential elections through proprietary data and analytics. We strive to strengthen democracy so that the greater good prevails and America truly achieves Liberty and Justice for all.

What We Do

Chambers Lopez Strategies LLC is a full-service marketing firm with expertise in political strategy and international diplomacy. We believe in data-driven research that casts a light on how to maneuver through the constantly shifting demographic landscape. But we also know that data is only as good as its interpretation, which is where our creative strategy comes in. Combining years of political experience with a detailed understanding of the marketplace allows us to spot trends where others don’t and to also see around corners before movements begin.

Advertising & Digital

To get the best results from your messaging, we must know your audience. What media are they consuming and how do those mediums overlap? We get the messaging right and ensure it’s reaching across all digital platforms.


Great information campaigns compel your audience to keep hearing about you. How is information about your issue or candidate crossing your audience’s path? Let’s do the research, analyze it, and place the right media for immediate results.

Social Justice

Social justice is at the heart of our mission. We harness the power of law and policy to make life better for workers and communities in the US and around the world. And we’ve been at this for decades.

Speaking Invitations

Inspirational and informative, our public speaking ranges from Latino politics and history to legal developments and the tragedy and hope of human trafficking and its survivors. Drop us a quick note to request information and availability.

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