‘Women in the World’ features San Antonio change-makers

Sheryl Sculley, city manager of San Antonio, welcomed the women—and men—in the audience to the panel who were about to speak on their struggles, stories and strife. Tina Brown, Founder and CEO of Women in the World, gave opening remarks about what exactly WITH is all about. The first panel titled “After the Mudbath: Can We Ever Regain the High Ground?” was moderated by Bianna Golodryga, anchor at Yahoo News & Finance.

Esteemed women such as Lorena Chambers, CEO/Chief Strategist/Chambers Lopez Strategies; Emily Ramshaw, Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Tribune; Karine Jean-Pierre, National Spokesperson and Senior Advisor of MoveOn.org; and Jenifer Sarver, Principal/Sarver Strategies discussed the issue of misogyny and racism in the 2016 election and how America can carry onward. Read More

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