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What We Do

Chambers Lopez Strategies LLC is a full-service marketing firm with expertise in political strategy and international diplomacy. We believe in data-driven research that casts a light on how to maneuver through the constantly shifting demographic landscape. But we also know that data is only as good as its interpretation, which is where our creative strategy comes in. Combining years of political experience with a detailed understanding of the marketplace allows us to spot trends where others don’t and to also see around corners before movements begin.

Advertising & Digital

To get the best results from your messaging, we must know your audience. What media are they consuming and how do those mediums overlap? We get the messaging right and ensure it’s reaching across all digital platforms.


Great information campaigns compel your audience to keep hearing about you. How is information about your issue or candidate crossing your audience’s path? Let’s do the research, analyze it, and place the right media for immediate results.

Social Justice

Social justice is at the heart of our mission. We harness the power of law and policy to make life better for workers and communities in the US and around the world. And we’ve been at this for decades.

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