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Read about Lorena in Washingtonian magazine's article, "Our Time: Successful Washingtonians of Hispanic and Latino descent are wielding influence in business, lobbying, politics, and more."

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Founded in 2004, Chambers Lopez LLC set out to redefine the way Latinos are represented and approached in the American marketplace. Mixing strategic thinking with cultural instinct, we’ve discovered an innovative recipe for success without settling for general marketing tactics. Whether it’s teaching mothers the importance of health and nutrition for their children or guiding students to becoming more informed voters, we know what it takes to inspire meaningful action in our communities.

At Chambers Lopez Strategies, we are shaping government public information campaigns and the 2016 Presidential through proprietary data and analytics. We strive to strengthen democracy so that the greater good prevails and America truly achieves Liberty and Justice for all.

What We Do

Chambers Lopez Strategies LLC is a full-service marketing firm with expertise in social marketing and political strategy targeting Hispanics and women. We believe in data-driven research that casts a light on how to maneuver through the constantly shifting demographic landscape. But we also know that data is only as good as its interpretation, which is where our creative intuition comes in. Combining years of political experience with a detailed understanding of the marketplace gives us the opportunity to spot trends where others don’t.

Advertising & Branding

To get the best results from your advertising and branding, we must know your audience. What media are they consuming and how do those mediums overlap? We get the messaging right and ensure it’s consistent across all platforms.


Digital is no longer just another tactic. It is the “glue” that holds together a client’s brand, shaping perceptions each time the brand and the consumer meet.


Great branding compels your audience to keep hearing about you. How is information about you and your brand crossing your audience’s path? Let’s do the research and find out.



Latino Business Action Network (LBAN) Announces the Fourth Cohort of the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program

June 23, 2017

The Latino Business Action Network (LBAN) has selected 75 Latino entrepreneurs from across the United States to be a part of the fourth cohort of the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program. The initiative is a six-week program jointly developed by Stanford University and LBAN. Its focus is to help Latino and Latina business owners scale their businesses.

The new cohort of the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program comprises an elite and talented group of innovators and business leaders [including Chief Strategist of Chambers Lopez Strategies, Lorena Chambers], whose drive, work ethic and tangible results will drive our American economy and strengthen communities across the United States.

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‘Women in the World’ features San Antonio change-makers

June 19, 2017

Sheryl Sculley, city manager of San Antonio, welcomed the women—and men—in the audience to the panel who were about to speak on their struggles, stories and strife. Tina Brown, Founder and CEO of Women in the World, gave opening remarks about what exactly WITH is all about. The first panel titled “After the Mudbath: Can We Ever Regain the High Ground?” was moderated by Bianna Golodryga, anchor at Yahoo News & Finance.

Esteemed women such as Lorena Chambers, CEO/Chief Strategist/Chambers Lopez Strategies; Emily Ramshaw, Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Tribune; Karine Jean-Pierre, National Spokesperson and Senior Advisor of; and Jenifer Sarver, Principal/Sarver Strategies discussed the issue of misogyny and racism in the 2016 election and how America can carry onward. Read More

The perils of assuming anything about the Latino vote

May 16, 2017

According to new numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, the high-water mark was in 1992, when 51.6 percent of the Latino electorate came out to vote. More recently, 49.9 percent helped Barack Obama win in 2008, 48 percent turned out in 2012 and just 47.6 percent voted last November. It must be noted that the Hispanic share of voters has gone up every year since 1980, culminating with 9.2 percent of all voters in 2016, meaning that there were more total Hispanic voters who cast ballots, even though fewer eligible Latino voters as a whole turned out.

In the run-up to the election, what I heard from Latino advocacy organizations across the country was that campaign outreach from both parties was paltry and that investments from national get-out-the-vote organizations were not made in Hispanic communities until the last minute. At this point, one might intuit a classic chicken-or-egg conundrum: Political parties may not invest in Latino voters because they think Hispanics won’t vote anyway, and Hispanics may not be interested in voting because candidates assume their vote is either a foregone conclusion or a lost cause. Each of those assumptions would be a big mistake because the Latino vote has always been and will always be up for grabs.

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